I'm Evan.

I'm a full stack developer.

I make things for the web.

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I taught myself to code after previously building a business in medical technology. Developing the software underpinning a diagnostic telemedicine platform was challenging and fun, and I wanted to do more of it.

I care about making products and tools that solve problems for people. Especially when they make things that are complicated seem easy - or even delightful! I love working at the 'back' of the front-end and the 'front' of the back-end - having the server and client give each other big ol' high fives.

I'm primarily a javascript developer but enjoy learning about new and better ways to tackle problems. The technologies I work with every day include node.js/Express, React and mongoDB. I'm currently learning more about test-driven development, and managing complex state with React Hooks.


Screenshot of strategy toolkit website

Strategy Toolkit

A repository of tools and strategies for a design consulting firm

A strategic design consultancy needed a reference system to organize and access in-house tools and techniques for project delivery. I developed a site with a content management system and an interface for sorting, displaying and searching relevant tools.

Tech Stack

node.js, ejs, mongoDB, AWS

Screenshot of realtime preflop app

Preflop Viewer

A tool for studying game theory optimal pre-flop poker

As a poker enthusiast, I've been interested in the applications of game theory in solving poker. Existing solvers and range viewing tools are cumbersome and parinfully slow. I wanted a tool where I could quickly create and review optimal preflop ranges for a number of common scenarios.

Tech Stack

React, node.js, MongoDB

Screenshot of boggle solution finder app

Boggle Solver

Produces all possible boggle solutions for a given boggle board

My family loves to blay boggle, but there are often arguments about word validity or hand-wringing over missed words. With this tool, an official dictionary of valid words is checked against the rolled board to determine all possible solutions. Utilises a Trie with node-based search to improve performance.

Tech Stack



I write infrequently(!) about projects that I've done or things I find interesting. Check out all my posts here.


If you're interested in working together, if there's something you'd like to chat about, or if you just want to say hey:

email: hello@evanmoses.com

github: evanmoses

twitter: @evan_moses

linkedin: evanbmoses